What’s Your Pineal Gland and What Does Hashish Do for It?

cannabis and your pineal gland

For 1000’s of years, the pineal gland has been known as the third eye of people. It’s discovered on the epithalamus, the purpose at which the mind’s two hemispheres meet. Scientists have inferred that the pineal gland has an enormous affect on the mind and has outlined it as a delicate endocrine gland that produces essential hormones. Speculations have gone spherical concerning the affect of hashish on the pineal gland. Some say the herb can assist open/activate glands.

It is a complete report of assorted investigations into what kind of impact hashish crops have on this important neurological organ.

Basic Overview of the Pineal Gland

Cultures the world over consider the pineal gland depicts the unity between a person’s non secular and humanistic varieties.

The Egyptians, Indians, and Greeks symbolized the pineal gland via their artwork. In Historical Egyptian artwork, it seems as a 3rd eye; in India, the Hindus illustrate this gland with a pink dot (historically referred to as bindi) on the brow to point humanity’s hyperlink to the non secular world. In Greece, it’s referenced in historic mythology.

Thinker René Descartes additionally referenced the pineal gland in his medical analysis. He referred to as this level the elemental seat of the soul and the place all feelings and emotions spring from. Though a number of of Descartes’s works have been discredited through the years, his rendition of the pineal gland has been corroborated by totally different cultures.

Physiologically, the pineal gland is a necessary level within the mind. It’s a pinecone-shaped endocrine gland structurally just like the eyes that may sense gentle. Its depictions in artwork often take the pine cone form image.

Capabilities Of The Pineal Gland

Manufacturing of Melatonin

That is the pineal gland’s major operate. Based on a John Hopkins sleep knowledgeable, melatonin is a hormone that places an individual in a state of “quiet wakefulness.” With assistance from the pineal gland, the mind can translate gentle and darkish indicators within the surroundings into the start or cease the manufacturing of melatonin.

Every day, as soon as the mind is ready to detect the darkish surroundings, it sends a message to the pineal cells referred to as pinealocytes to kickstart the manufacturing of the sleep hormone. Through the day, melatonin ranges are considerably low, and through the night time, these ranges are amplified to no less than eight instances what they’re through the daytime. Manufacturing of melatonin peaks round 3-4 am, after which it begins to lower. Chemically, pinealocytes convert tryptophan, a necessary amino acid, to melatonin via a collection of complicated enzymatic reactions.

Serotonin Manufacturing

Serotonin, additionally referred to as the completely happy hormone, is one other important hormone that permits mind cells to narrate. The communication between these cells helps regulate feelings like happiness, unhappiness, and anxiousness. With assistance from the pineal gland, serotonin acts as a catalyst for the manufacturing of melatonin. It additionally makes use of tryptophan as a precursor in its a number of bodily capabilities.

Psychoactive Substances and the Pineal Gland

Many research have been carried out to elucidate why psychoactive substances have an effect on the pineal gland. Many researchers have provided their opinions on this. Nonetheless, a typical think about all conclusions is that the pineal gland is in the perfect place to acquire virtually each substance not adequately screened by the blood-brain boundaries.

The pineal gland is important to regulating an individual’s emotional state always of the day. It helps preserve a wholesome and constructive way of thinking. That is the first motive why the consumption of psychiatric drugs impacts the complicated reactions within the pineal gland. These psychoactive substances alter the conventional state of notion permitted by the pineal gland.

The Impact of Hashish on the Pineal Gland

Many traditions and spiritually inclined teams consider that marijuana prompts the third eye and assists different physique organs in sensing deep layers of spirituality and actuality.

Scientifically, researchers have found that cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Within the ECS, THC, CBD, and different compounds within the herb both bind to receptors within the ECS or catalyze enzymatic reactions. These reactions with receptors, enzymes, and signaling molecules management varied secondary responses within the physique’s physiology.

In 2008, a publication within the Journal of Pineal Analysis confirmed the supply of ECS elements within the pineal glands of rats. The authors wrote that they have been in a position to detect enzymes and ECS receptors in tiny animals. This discovery implies that the pineal gland could also be ruled by the ECS. The paper categorically acknowledged that CB1 and CB2 receptors have been detected. Fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) was additionally recognized.

Scientists within the hashish business are presently learning the numerous reactions within the pineal gland when hashish is consumed. They’re additionally attempting to determine the roles of every molecule within the Pineal gland space, particularly the molecules that inhibit FAAH to extend the degrees of anandamide within the system. As soon as this mechanism is known, researchers have a shot at regulating the actions of the pineal gland offers favorable outcomes.

Relationship between cannabinoid and melatonin

Researchers are exploring the position of ECS actions in melatonin manufacturing. In 2006, some scientists found {that a} collection of cannabinoids, THC, CBD, and CBD, interfered with the manufacturing of the sleep hormone in mice. Nonetheless, this analysis was performed over a decade in the past, and the variety of strains experimented with was restricted, so many individuals are a bit skeptical concerning the printed outcomes.

From the publication’s conclusion, it was gathered that cannabinoids inhibit the manufacturing of melatonin ranges.


The pineal gland is a crucial a part of a posh system, that’s, the endocrine system. Scientists are nonetheless very removed from uncovering all of the complicated interpreted reactions within the pineal gland, in addition to the complete affect of hashish on this fascinating gland.

Each hashish and the pineal gland are revered for his or her important non secular capabilities by many cultures; nonetheless, it’s nonetheless unresolved whether or not or not the magic herbs enhance the non secular inclinations of the “third eye.” It will be thrilling to find simply how nicely hashish alters the elemental reactions of the pineal gland.








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