FBI Proclaims That if You Smoke Weed 24 Occasions after You Flip 18 You Cannot Work for the Company

fbi marijuana policy

Hashish customers are left questioning WTH?


The FBI Just lately introduced that for those who smoke hashish 24 instances after you flip 18 – you’re ineligible to turn out to be an agent however they didn’t say “why”.


Why 24 instances? Why not 12? What occurs to people who find themselves over the age of 18-years-old who smoke 24 for instances? Is there one thing that the federal government isn’t telling us?


There was a cause why the company didn’t make clear their place on the coverage change – there isn’t any logic behind it! It’s an arbitrary quantity assigned to indicate the those who they’re “hip” and “with it”. They’re being progressive – besides, they aren’t.


The explanation the FBI initially loosened its restrictions on hashish use was as a result of they had been having points with staffing.


In a latest Marijuana Second article, they outlined that former FBI Director James Comey mentioned, “I’ve to rent a fantastic work power to compete with these cyber criminals and a few of these youngsters need to smoke weed on the best way to the interview,” he mentioned in 2014.


Their downside was that the people who find themselves savvy sufficient to cease cyber criminals are typically main potheads. With their strict anti-cannabis stance, this meant that they couldn’t rent expertise merely due to their private selection of consumption.


To create some authorized area, they stored on shifting the edge of acceptance to accommodate the workforce challenge – and it appears that evidently after a number of years they got here to the conclusion that 24 is the magical quantity to point whether or not somebody is “match” for work or not.


Nevertheless – to completely perceive this place you could perceive the federal governments place on drug use and “why” they’re so adamant to barre individuals from doing any sort of medication – besides the authorized ones in fact! Smoke as a lot tobacco and drink as a lot alcohol as you’d like!


Stipulations in Immigration Coverage Sheds Mild


The one cause why the federal government is in opposition to hashish use or every other “illicit drug use” is because of the similar cause why somebody making use of for citizenship could be denied in the event that they admit to smoking marijuana – even in locations the place it’s authorized.


A coverage alert in 2019 mentioned the next;


“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Companies is issuing a coverage steerage to make clear the violation of federal managed substance regulation, together with for marijuana, stays a conditional bar to determine good ethical character (GMC)


May this be the identical cause why would-be FBI brokers who smoke weed are disqualified from becoming a member of the company?


On the Company web site they’ve this to say;


“The FBI balances the wants of the group and the significance of conserving the general public integrity obligatory to perform its regulation enforcement and intelligence missions by hiring probably the most certified candidates.”


As soon as once more, we will infer that the federal authorities believes that anybody who consumed any “unlawful substance” has a poor ethical character.


Nevertheless, for those who drink alcohol or smoke tobacco or partake within the myriad of authorized medication – in some way your ethical character shouldn’t be altered. Nevertheless, a greater query could be – is it clever for the US authorities to legislate morality?


Some individuals assume that the federal government ought to legislate morality, nonetheless – there’s a distinction between ethics and morality.


The federal government did attempt to legislate morality at one cut-off date – it was the primary time they prohibited alcohol. This transfer was primarily motivated by morality.


Right here’s a snippet from the Atlantic that explains this;


A century in the past, Prohibition went into impact round the US, and the evangelical Protestants who had fought for 80 years to make it a actuality celebrated. With the ratification of the Eighteenth Modification, which proscribed “the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors” throughout the US, they’d achieved one thing unparalleled by any motion earlier than or since: They’d launched a brand new ethical decree into the Structure. In doing so, they believed that they’d enshrined Protestant advantage in American life and saved the nation from decay—perpetually. – SOURCE


We all know how that turned out. It was the one modification in US historical past to have been repealed.


The Warfare on Medication can also be a warfare motivated by morality, for the reason that US authorities makes use of “drug use” as an indicator for “poor ethical character”.


But, there isn’t any scientific proof to assist this notion. If this had been true, then each one who drinks alcohol are technically “immoral” – since ethanol is a drug. Each tobacco person must be thought of “immoral” for a similar causes.


Hell – for those who drink espresso, you’re utilizing the drug “caffeine” which –  by the definition of Uncle Sam ought to make you an individual of “poor ethical character”.


After all this isn’t true – the one cause why “unlawful medication” are thought of to be metrics of character is due to “illegality of it”. You will have “poor ethical character” since you break the regulation through the use of them.


However wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who wrote; “If a regulation is unjust, a person shouldn’t be solely proper to disobey it, he’s obligated to take action.”


Aren’t the warfare on medication and the legal guidelines that prohibit these so referred to as “unlawful medication” unjust legal guidelines? Isn’t it then your obligation as an American to disobey them? Wouldn’t utilizing medication on this occasion be a decide of “good ethical character?”


Ask any minority how ethical these legal guidelines are.


How ethical is it to slap HSBC with a effective for laundering cash from drug cartels and terrorist organizations (and more moderen offences), but throw weed sellers in jail for life for $20 value of weed?


Nobody went to jail within the HSBC case.


All we’re left asking is; “Whose morals are we legislating?”


The Sticky Backside


The FBI pronounces that it now will “allow” individuals to get excessive 24 instances with out consequence when they’re 18 and older, but on the twenty fifth time – for some magical cause, they’re now not “match for service”.


This all would possibly sound ridiculous to any rational thoughts – that’s as a result of it’s!


At this level it appears that evidently the federal authorities is mocking the individuals. By now, it must be apparent for anybody who’s paying consideration who the federal government serves – it definitely isn’t you!








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