Have you ever driven by a Family Video Store and saw their “We Sell CBD” signs and wondered… Why does Family Video sell CBD? Seems like an odd match and an odd place to sell CBD right?

Family Video began selling CBD in 2019, after the President Keith Hoogland began taking CBD for a bad case of Tennis Elbow, after it was recommended to him by the Mayo Clinic. It obviously worked for him and he was passionate enough about it that he wanted to start selling it.

Family video also however has a history of forming strategic partnerships with other companies. Years ago most Family Video stores began adding Marcos Pizza restaurants to them. And while I was a bit hesitant after hearing about this thinking video store pizza must be worse than Little Ceasars, however everyone I’ve talked to has said they actually have great pizza.

Anyhow, this partnership was smart as I’d imagine many people who may not otherwise just up and visit a family video store to rent a movie, may wind up renting a movie if they’re going to be in a pizzeria connected to the video store.

So it makes sense Family Video would partner with another business. But why CBD?

Well, if you think about it the type of person who goes to a brick and mortar business to rent a video instead of streaming or downloading a torrent probably isn’t the type of person who’s going to go on a website to buy CBD. It’s likely an older client who may benefit from CBD.

Also, movies are something we often watch when we’re relaxing, and/or when we’re sick or feeling under the weather. CBD helps with a lot of ailments and also helps you relax.

So while on the surface it seems super weird, it actually sorta kinda makes sense why Family Video is selling CBD.

Hopefully that answers your question.