There is an undeniable global buzz around the cannabis, hemp and CBD market, with sales projections that top $40 billion by 2024. While much of the conversation is centered on legalizing medical cannabis or the potential of consumer products containing CBD, the fact is that there are many other uses of cannabis (hemp) that are now legal and will have a great impact on the broad outdoor market. The cannabis (hemp) plant offers incredible sustainability alternatives that can help the industry in a variety of ways as they also meet emerging consumer preferences.
Yet the cannabis, hemp and CBD markets are also incredibly complex. Changing federal and state regulations have left much confusion as to what’s OK and what’s not OK – from product categories to ingredients to raw materials sources to consumer claims – it’s a bit of the Wild West out there.
This session will provide attendees with critical background on the plant, the industry, the potential of the various applications of hemp, cannabis, and CBD, and will help attendees determine the appropriate paths and key considerations for their journeys into leveraging the power of cannabis, hemp and CBD in their business.