Where will recreational cannabis be sold?

People will be able to buy recreational cannabis in government stores similar to government-run liquor stores, or in private retail stores with rules similar to those in place for privately-run liquor stores. What won’t be allowed: selling cannabis in the same store as liquor or tobacco. That limitation is based on a recommendation from public health officials.

Retailers in cities also won’t be allowed to sell anything other than cannabis and “cannabis accessories” in their stories (no clothes, gas, groceries or lottery tickets.)

Who can buy it?

Adults aged 19 or over can buy it, and there’s a possession limit: 30 grams.

Where can it be used?

You won’t be able to smoke cannabis inside a car — even if you’re not the driver. Landlords and strata councils can also ban tenants from smoking in apartment and condo buildings.

Otherwise, you will be able to smoke in any public place where smoking is currently allowed. There are some additional restrictions to keep pot smoke away from children: no smoking on beaches, playgrounds and parks.

What about edibles?

The B.C. government will take another year to come up with regulations for edible marijuana products. Until then, stores are not supposed to sell them.

Can I grow my own?

B.C. is allowing residents to grow up to four plants, as long as they’re not visible from “public spaces off the property.” But landlords and strata councils can prohibit tenants from growing plants, and if you run a home daycare, growing cannabis is a no-no.

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Originally posted in Metro News Vancouver